Alarm Testing & False Alarms


Keypad4How often should I test my alarm system?

1. Test your system once a month. (Call your monitoring center first.) Test more often if anything is in question.

2. Test your sensors – Conduct an in house systems check – see your user’s manual. Develop a regular schedule to replace all batteries.

How do I avoid having false alarms?

1. Have your alarm system configured to accommodate your pets.

2. Train everyone with access, thoroughly about your alarm system.

3. Use a regular pest control to keep pests away from sensors.

Also be alert to household items such as large house plants and mylar balloons

when things such as these move due to air circulation they can cause motion sensors to alarm.

4. Memorize your personal ID number or password.

This is generally not the same number that you enter into your keypad to arm and disarm your system.

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