Dec 272013

Cellular Equipment – Not Using It? Take It Offline…

As new technology is embraced and grows in usage we begin to discover problems with our procedures that have to be adjusted. One of these adjustments is attached to the growing usage of cellular alarm equipment.

In times past all that was necessary to cancel a cell unit was a phone call to operations to give the order. But problems with that procedure quickly came to the surface and we realized we had to have a paper trail in order to protect us and to protect you, our dealers. Just as you complete, sign and send in an offline form for an account, don’t forget to fill out sign and send in a cellular offline form so we know to discontinue service on active cellular units.

The same rule applies for those occasions where you may have one type of cell service and you activate a unit of a different type to replace the original. As an example…you want to replace an Uplink unit with a Telguard unit. Not only do you need to activate the new unit, you need to send in a Cellular Offline form to deactivate the original unit so that you aren’t paying for two units. Since these types of services require us to pay the manufacturer there is very little that can be done in the way of credit extended days, weeks, or months later when the problem is discovered.

The Cellular Offline Form can be downloaded at.

· ,

·         Alarm Dealer Login,

·         Under “Dealer Resources” click on Dealer Forms and Documents and

·         download “cellular service offline form”

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued business…it is truly appreciated!

Dec 262013

To Our Valued Dealers,

            As many of you are already aware of, we have designated Line 81 for Uplink units. This is more than simply a line designator. It is a different receiver configured for IP communication between Uplink and Central Station only utilizing dial up traffic in the event of internet failure.

            Due to the nature of this equipment we cannot allow dial-up of any type to be the primary communication format. It is for this reason the account numbers are issued on a per account basis not in blocks. If for some reason after being issued an account number you do not install the Uplink as intended please do not use this account number for a system utilizing some other transmission method.

            If you have already assigned a Line 81 account to a system other than an Uplink please contact John or Darrell in our Tech Department. Thank you for continuing to be a valued CSI customer, it is truly appreciated.