Dec 262013

To Our Valued Dealers,

            As many of you are already aware of, we have designated Line 81 for Uplink units. This is more than simply a line designator. It is a different receiver configured for IP communication between Uplink and Central Station only utilizing dial up traffic in the event of internet failure.

            Due to the nature of this equipment we cannot allow dial-up of any type to be the primary communication format. It is for this reason the account numbers are issued on a per account basis not in blocks. If for some reason after being issued an account number you do not install the Uplink as intended please do not use this account number for a system utilizing some other transmission method.

            If you have already assigned a Line 81 account to a system other than an Uplink please contact John or Darrell in our Tech Department. Thank you for continuing to be a valued CSI customer, it is truly appreciated.

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