Apr 302014


Video Verification?

Cloud Recording?

These are some of the current industry buzz words customers are asking about. But how are they accomplished and how much does it cost?


Come join us as Oz Vision offers their solution to these RMR opportunities.

Where? CSI Classroom

When?  May 28, 2014 at 10:00am

Lunch will be furnished after class

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There is a growing need for video verification

What your alarm customers are looking for!

At OzVision, we are believers that security alarm systems can better protect homes and businesses. We also believe that working as partners in conjunction with alarm dealers and central stations, we can together help to make our communities safer.

The opportunity for video verification as a service is growing every year. Already there are many police ordinances in cities across the U.S.A. that are now requiring some type of alarm verification to help them respond more effectively. False alarm fees are also increasing as a way to pay for addition costs as a consequence of dispatching police for false alarms.

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Cost effective continuous recording for true video verification

The best part is you can use existing customer owned equipment!

The good news for the alarm dealer and surveillance provider is that the OzVision system works with existing alarm systems ang video equipment. The affordable OzVision interface module called the Gateway can be used with existing video equipment or as a stand-alone unit. Either way, with or without DVR/NVR, the Gateway can integrate with the burglar alarm system.

The OzVision cloud-based video surveillance system is the ideal solution for small to medium size businesses that cannot afford to invest in the expensive costs to upgrade to a large network infrastructure. There are many advantages for cloud video services provided by OzVision. All video is continuously recorded and securely stored in the cloud. Video verification parameters can be managed from the new mobile app.

Please contact Laura Bailey to reserve your place for this training event.

Phone, 800-272-4314 / 205-838-4145 or email,

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Apr 022014

Keeping You Informed

Just a quick note to inform you about procedural changes mandated by the AESBL coming this summer.

On March 13th Gov. Bentley signed into law Act 2014-160. This bill mandates all monitoring stations utilize alarm verification, with some exceptions, prior to dispatching emergency personnel. The law states:


The board shall require an alarm monitoring company to utilize a system providing for alarm verification of all alarm signals, except alarm verification shall not be required in the case of a fire alarm or a panic or robbery-in-progress alarm or in cases where a crime in progress has been verified to be true by video or audio means, when no alarm signal has been received from the alarm site within the preceding 12 months, or when the contract between the alarm user and the monitoring company specifies the use of a different calling protocol.

 As it pertains to this bill “Alarm Verification” has been defined as:


ALARM VERIFICATION. A reasonable attempt by an alarm monitoring company to contact the alarm site or alarm user by telephone or other electronic means to determine whether an alarm signal is valid prior to requesting law enforcement to be dispatched to the location and, if the initial attempted contact is not made, a second reasonable attempt to make a contact utilizing a different telephone number or electronic address or number.

These changes will result in changes to the AESBL Administrative Code and will be discussed at the upcoming May, 2014 meeting in Montgomery.

Thank you all for your continued business it truly is appreciated!


Mar 312014

Keeping You Informed….

 For those of our dealers utilizing Uplink products we want to make you aware of a situation that was recently brought to our attention.

 Uplink has released the CDMA30, Sprint/Verizon, version of their cellular communicator based on the 2530 GSM unit. Since it is a CDMA unit it is not subject to the Sunset situation that the 2G GSM units are facing. It, like the unit it was modeled after, is a low cost unit with the same pricing plan as its GSM counterpart.

 The situation we were made aware of deals with the remote features of the unit. Should you install one of these units and plan on activating the remote arm/disarm feature be aware that currently there is no documentation available instructing how this is accomplished.

 What we have found is, as with the 2530 unit, you must purchase the Uplink Pulse Board in order to have the necessary inputs/outputs. The Uplink 2530-2550 Remote paperwork can be downloaded from our Dealer Installation Manual page. This documentation will guide you through installing the pulse-board and interconnecting the control and cell unit.


If you have any questions you can call Uplink at 1-888-987-5465 or the CSI Tech Department.

Thank you all for your continued business it truly is appreciated!




Jan 072014

Good afternoon valued customers,

On Friday 1-3-14 we attempted to run a special report for our accounting department. While the report was suppose to be limited to one company, unfortunately multiple companies received numerous emails regarding their customers. We will attempt to avoid any similar occurrence and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank You for your continued business we truly appreciate it.


Jan 032014

CDMA Available for Security Systems

As most of you know there are two predominant technologies governing the cellular world in the United States. GSM which runs AT&T, T-Mobile, Corr Wireless and the large majority of the other cellular companies throughout the country. The other is CDMA which is the technology in Verizon and Sprint phones.

To this point the most cost effective cellular device for alarm transmission has been GSM. Recently Uplink released the CDMA30 and CDMA50 which are the CDMA cousins to the 4530 (primary unit only) and the 4550 (primary or backup with its own power supply and battery backup) GSM units. The equipment costs for these units are about the same as the 45xx versions and the monthly service is the same also. This hopefully will allow cell units to be installed in areas where there is limited GSM service.

But be aware that these units are initially programmed for Sprint service and not for Verizon. Even though they are designed to roam to Verizon when there is insufficient Sprint coverage that may not always be the case. Be sure to check the available cellular service before you mount, wire and leave one of these units. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact someone in our technical department.

Thank you for your business!!

It truly is appreciated!!

Dec 272013

Cellular Equipment – Not Using It? Take It Offline…

As new technology is embraced and grows in usage we begin to discover problems with our procedures that have to be adjusted. One of these adjustments is attached to the growing usage of cellular alarm equipment.

In times past all that was necessary to cancel a cell unit was a phone call to operations to give the order. But problems with that procedure quickly came to the surface and we realized we had to have a paper trail in order to protect us and to protect you, our dealers. Just as you complete, sign and send in an offline form for an account, don’t forget to fill out sign and send in a cellular offline form so we know to discontinue service on active cellular units.

The same rule applies for those occasions where you may have one type of cell service and you activate a unit of a different type to replace the original. As an example…you want to replace an Uplink unit with a Telguard unit. Not only do you need to activate the new unit, you need to send in a Cellular Offline form to deactivate the original unit so that you aren’t paying for two units. Since these types of services require us to pay the manufacturer there is very little that can be done in the way of credit extended days, weeks, or months later when the problem is discovered.

The Cellular Offline Form can be downloaded at.

· ,

·         Alarm Dealer Login,

·         Under “Dealer Resources” click on Dealer Forms and Documents and

·         download “cellular service offline form”

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued business…it is truly appreciated!

Dec 262013

To Our Valued Dealers,

            As many of you are already aware of, we have designated Line 81 for Uplink units. This is more than simply a line designator. It is a different receiver configured for IP communication between Uplink and Central Station only utilizing dial up traffic in the event of internet failure.

            Due to the nature of this equipment we cannot allow dial-up of any type to be the primary communication format. It is for this reason the account numbers are issued on a per account basis not in blocks. If for some reason after being issued an account number you do not install the Uplink as intended please do not use this account number for a system utilizing some other transmission method.

            If you have already assigned a Line 81 account to a system other than an Uplink please contact John or Darrell in our Tech Department. Thank you for continuing to be a valued CSI customer, it is truly appreciated.

Jun 122013

VIT Training will be having a class on CCTV or Video Security Systems Essentials August 22 – 23 2013 at the CSI classroom. It includes 16 CEU hours and certification. Lunch will be provided. The cost for the class is $395.00.

For more information please contact:

Howard Kohnstamm at (615) 269-4222 or at


May 202013

Due to the high volume of billing and mixture of paper and e-billing processes, you may receive your invoice, statement, and detailed account list separately. They will arrive anytime between 16th and 20th of the month.  Please wait till you receive all your documents to reconcile your accounts and pay the bill.  If the 20th falls during the weekend, you will receive the all documents on the following business day.

Do you know that you can choose which billing document(s) you prefer to receive?  For example, you can choose to only receive the statement or invoice.

Ebilling and automatic bank or credit card draft are available at CSI, get enrolled today! For more information contact CSI accounting department with any questions and requests.

Our CSI accounting team is always here to help you.

May 072013

SDS of Huntsville will be holding a CEU class on May 21, 2013. The class will be sponsored by DSC and a free Bar-B-Que lunch will follow. The class is from 9 am to 12 pm and it’s located at the Huntsville SDS branch. The address is 1796 Sportsman Lane, Huntsville.

Remeber we are still offering 6 months FREE basic (basic rate) monitoring with every DSC panel purchased from any SDS branch.

For more information contact:

Ryan Bailey at (256) 837-2003 or