Mar 312014

Keeping You Informed….

 For those of our dealers utilizing Uplink products we want to make you aware of a situation that was recently brought to our attention.

 Uplink has released the CDMA30, Sprint/Verizon, version of their cellular communicator based on the 2530 GSM unit. Since it is a CDMA unit it is not subject to the Sunset situation that the 2G GSM units are facing. It, like the unit it was modeled after, is a low cost unit with the same pricing plan as its GSM counterpart.

 The situation we were made aware of deals with the remote features of the unit. Should you install one of these units and plan on activating the remote arm/disarm feature be aware that currently there is no documentation available instructing how this is accomplished.

 What we have found is, as with the 2530 unit, you must purchase the Uplink Pulse Board in order to have the necessary inputs/outputs. The Uplink 2530-2550 Remote paperwork can be downloaded from our Dealer Installation Manual page. This documentation will guide you through installing the pulse-board and interconnecting the control and cell unit.


If you have any questions you can call Uplink at 1-888-987-5465 or the CSI Tech Department.

Thank you all for your continued business it truly is appreciated!




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