Apr 022014

Keeping You Informed

Just a quick note to inform you about procedural changes mandated by the AESBL coming this summer.

On March 13th Gov. Bentley signed into law Act 2014-160. This bill mandates all monitoring stations utilize alarm verification, with some exceptions, prior to dispatching emergency personnel. The law states:


The board shall require an alarm monitoring company to utilize a system providing for alarm verification of all alarm signals, except alarm verification shall not be required in the case of a fire alarm or a panic or robbery-in-progress alarm or in cases where a crime in progress has been verified to be true by video or audio means, when no alarm signal has been received from the alarm site within the preceding 12 months, or when the contract between the alarm user and the monitoring company specifies the use of a different calling protocol.

 As it pertains to this bill “Alarm Verification” has been defined as:


ALARM VERIFICATION. A reasonable attempt by an alarm monitoring company to contact the alarm site or alarm user by telephone or other electronic means to determine whether an alarm signal is valid prior to requesting law enforcement to be dispatched to the location and, if the initial attempted contact is not made, a second reasonable attempt to make a contact utilizing a different telephone number or electronic address or number.

These changes will result in changes to the AESBL Administrative Code and will be discussed at the upcoming May, 2014 meeting in Montgomery.

Thank you all for your continued business it truly is appreciated!


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